Chris Herrera

about me

Chris Herrera is a modern musician and audio engineer. His daily work including music instruction & performance, remixing, post-production, and mixing & mastering. Additionally, he a top rated author of a diverse range of tutorial series for the the globally renowned educational website, Groove3. At the age of 38, Chris has been a professional in the entertainment industry for 27 years. At age 8 he was already working as a young actor but in his teens made a decided leap to becoming a career musician. By his 20’s he was working in film and video games, and began touring as a DJ and vocalist.

His ceaseless professionalism and energetic nature have earned him recognition from top peers and has placed him in high demand in numerous commercial fields. He has completed 3 audio credentials in Recording Arts, Computerized Audio, and Live Sound from the Mira Costa College Recording Arts program. Chris also enjoyed formal education from Berklee College of Music having attended numerous summer programs.

Credits include foley and music for the the X-Box game, “Destroy All Humans 3”. He composed and mixed original music for the documentary film,”The Rescuers” for Michael King Productions. Recently he penned the theme music for the podcast, “High Mystery”, and he shares writing credits on multiple Pop and commercial releases. His performance career includes festival dates, national touring, top-level clubs, and he has become of a fixture of the LA dance music underground.

He is also a top selling author of audio production tutorials for the globally acclaimed site, Groove3. He has recently released his 11th series and all of his work has received top marks from clients and peers.

Chris is well versed in modern audio programs and is noted expert of Apple’s Logic Pro X. In addition, he is comfortable working in all the major DAW’s including, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Final Cut Pro, and many more. His trained ear can navigate the nuances of both acoustic and electronic music techniques. Strengths include synthesis, sampling, post-production, and mixing/mastering.

He is an accomplished musician with classical training and makes part of his living as an instructor both privately and at several academies and institutions. Between his skillful musicianship, compositional ability, and audio engineering there is no audio Chris cannot complete.